Bones is a hilarious early reader about Buddy Bones, a lovable dog who will never give up. Buddy Bones goes on a journey to find what is most precious to him, teaching kids the value of perseverance. Written in a similar style to Caldecott award winners like Jon Klassen, and the wit and humor like that of Mo Willems and Tedd Arnold, this popular easy reader reminds kids that they will succeed if they keep on keeping on!

Fun Early Reader

The simple language, repetition, and colorful illustrations in Bones helps beginning readers fall in love with reading. Buddy speaks in first person in short, simple sentences. Several words repeat, giving confidence to kids learning to read with phonics and also aiding sight word learners. The colorful illustrations are a great pay off for a child who has worked hard at reading new words. Pictures include fun details that bring surprise and laughs every time, and bring kids to read the story again and again.

Includes Reading Comprehension and Conversation Starters

We believe learning happens best when it is filled with love. Bones provides the opportunity to bond with your child with easy lessons at the end of the story. Bones provides teachable moments about the virtue of hard work, never giving up, managing loss, and personal identity value. These conversation starters encourage parents and caregivers to go beyond the story into meaningful conversation, practical life applications, reading comprehension, and critical thinking for any age. They even include prompts for sharing your own stories with one another, creating opportunities for positive relationships to grow.

Lovable Character

Kids from around the world are falling in love with Buddy Bones. This yellow dog has his own buddy blog, where he learns with kids all about the big beautiful world. Buddy is a persistent and determined dog, and his persistence pays! Buddy will make kids laugh at his incredibly expressive face as he takes action by going on one adventure after another to find what he has lost.

The Story

Using humor and heart, Bones introduces you to Buddy, a lovable dog with a key to a treasure box. Then the inevitable strikes- he loses his key. Determined, Buddy will look for his key until he finds it. He digs and finds… a bone. He continues on, digging, swimming, sailing a ship, climbing every mountain, and searching the farthest reaches of the earth, finding many more bones. Never giving up, Buddy finally finds his key. Buddy opens his treasure box to reveal a fun surprise ending. Bones brings the giggles and keeps the pages turning.

*Free Audiobook! This book comes with a fun free musical audiobook that will have your kids laughing and dancing. Read by the author, Jolie Canoli, the audiobook includes expressive musical accompaniment, as well as an original song about the book!

*Excellent book for kindergarten, preschool and elementary grade children.