Jolie Canoli and Friends

Jolie Canoli and Friends is a storytelling brand that features original live shows, books, music, artful imagery and online content for children. Our mission is to help kids think bigger and love better. We do this by telling stories that are courageous and caring, complete with empowering characters and eternal truths. Through Jolie Canoli and Friends, we seek to ignite the passion and creativity of your little ones – knowing one day they’ll use these gifts inspire their future as well as a better world for all. 


Jolie Canoli

Jolie (aka Dr. Jolie Williams) writes children’s stories that knit humor and heart into learning. She first began writing stories for the stage. Now, as a homeschooling mother of four adventurous kids, Jolie loves to create stories that stir children to think bigger and love better. she also composes music, draws illustrations, and performs internationally with her husband.


Jessica Ostrander

Jessica creates oodles of doodles, bringing stories to life with vibrant creativity. She is a visual and performing artist, and an art and theater educator. Her living persona of silliness brings joy on stage and off, entertaining kids of all ages. She believes stories are the key to making the world a better place because they help each of us discover a piece of ourselves and find where we belong.


Buddy Bones

My name is Buddy and I am a good dog.  I can sniff. I can bark. BARK! I can dig. Dig, dig, dig. I found a bone!

Picture books and more... Join the adventure!

through live theater shows, picture books, music, interactive toys, and online content.

Bones is a book about a tenacious yellow dog who never gives up looking for what he loves. Will he find the key to his treasure box? This book is apart of a collection of short stories for kids that are fun to read and teach character lessons.

Think Bigger & Love Better 

Wouldn’t you love to give your child an entertaining gift that develops their emotional intelligence, awakens their creativity, and creates meaningful conversation? Jolie Canoli and Friends teaches kids to think bigger and love better while inviting your whole family to be apart of the story. Give your child a story experience they will keep forever.

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