Biology Basics: Invertebrates


Invertebrates are definitely some of the weirdest, creepiest, slimiest and most interesting creatures on earth. Worms, bugs, octopus and jellyfish all fall into the category of inveterate animals. When looking at the classification of the animal kingdom, there are 9 major phylum, and 8 of these are invertebrates! These 8 phylum, or body-type classifications are sponges, stinging cell animals, three groups of worms (flat, round, segmented), mollusks, echinoderms (also known as sea stars), and arthropods.

One of the best parts about studying invertebrates is the ease of finding them in your own backyard. Many of the invertebrates are easy to find if you just dig in your garden, or even, heaven forbid, look in your basement! If your kids have the courage, they can handle the creepy creatures and study them first hand- literally!

I’ve attached a handy dandy printable with a poster, study guide, and a quiz. Hope you enjoy this invertebrate study tool!

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