Silly Stories

Be Someone's Rainbow

You can be a rainbow
on a cloudy day.
You can be the sunshine
the wind can't blow away.

You can tickle someone pink, 
when they’re feel’n blue. 
You can share the hope,
that lives inside of you.

You can wipe away the mean,
the ugly and the hate.
You can share your kindness
before it is too late.

You can shine so bright,
even in the dark.
You can bring the light.
You can leave your mark!

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Dogs: Be part of the story!

Dogs are such wonderful creatures. Each one is so unique and wonderful in its own special way. I asked followers to post a picture of their dog with one word. Here's what came out of it all!

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Ode to Dogs

I love your smell. I love your touch.
I love to be with you so much.
You’re my hero, you’re my friend!
My love for you will never end.

Grab my leash, I’m by the door.
Ready, steady, let’s explore!
Let’s go sniff! Let’s go smell!
I can smell things really well.

Let’s go find the stinky trees!
I might find squirrels, I might find fleas.
Let me show you where to go!
I’ll lead the way ‘til you say no.

Sometimes I’m wild, a running blur,
A firecracker burst of fur.
I’ll light your life with lots of fun,
Making it a better one.

I can do so many things!
Bark! Jump! Run! Even try to sing!
Pet my belly, I’ll roll over!
Sit and stay, or come on over.

I’ll shake your hand when we meet,
Just be sure you have a treat.
I’ll give you kisses by the ton,
Wet-nosed whisker slobber ones!

You can instagram my face,
I’ll get you likes from every place.
Just picture me upon your lap,
A cuddle bug for every nap.

I like to sleep, I like to eat-
Ice cream, carrots, cheese and meat.
I like to ride in your cool car
With windows down like a superstar.

I like to bark, I like to chew
I’ll makeover your leather shoes.
But of everything there is to do,
My favorite is to be with you.

You’re my hero, my joy and cure.
Without you I’d be lost for sure.
You’re number one, there’s no competing!
You are the greatest human being.



Crawling and inching, 
  Squirming and worming
Small slimy friends
  make the night life-affirming
Whether six legs or eight
  or one hundred or none
Bugs keep on squirming
  by the stars or the sun
Whether screams from the girls
  or the hollers of boys
These silent sweet creatures
  sure bring on the noise
But they’re helpers! They’re ladies! 
  They’re gardeners and poets!
Just look and then listen, 
 and soon you will know it.