Botany Basics: Seed Plants Types and Parts


Plants can be as varied as the millimeter high moss to the 300 foot tall redwood. They can grow beautiful flowers, crawl up buildings, or shade from the sun. The free study guide below offers some basics about seed plant types (monocot, dicot, conifer) and the three basic part of a plant (leaves, stem, roots).

Studying botany begins the moment a child first sees a growing plant. You can encourage children’s natural curiosity in the world around them by sharing simple facts about plants, and having them discover these things in the world around them. What is the tree’s stem like? How is it different from our bushes? What different leaves can you find in the backyard? How are they different, and how do they feel? How many colors of flowers can you find, and how many petals does each have? Your own backyard or local park is overflowing with educational opportunities, and each new discovery expands their wonder in the world around them.

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